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 "Did you... ever had a secret you could never tell anyone?"
  He had stared at that message for awhile now, trying to decipher it. It was sent from Cry about two hours ago, before he had left abruptly, saying he wasn't feeling good and was sorry. 
  He knew it was a petty excuse. He knew the other was lying from the other side of the screen, and it only made him wonder more- what was up with the masked man? 
  He reread their chat. He didn't know if it was just him, but each time he read it over, it seemed that Cry's words were more tense. Then again, you can't really tell a mood from just someone's typing. It was much easier if you saw the person and read their body language face to face.
  But Cry didn't show his face.
  So he was left worrying for the other, wondering what was going on the other side of the world.
  The dirty blonde looked up at the sound of his name being called by that oh-so sweet feminine voice. He casually minimised the window- if he had shut it quickly, she would become suspicious and question. At that rate, it would just look like he closed a response to a Youtube video. 
  The thin Italian smiled as she approached the Swede from his gamer chair, her hands laced behind her back as she swayed in a mischievous way towards him. He rose a brow. She was clearly up to something. Or she did something. Or she was about to do something. It made him somewhat excited and nervous.
  "What's up, Marzia?"
  He would figure out a reply to Cry's message later.


  On the other side of the world, he stared at the message he had just sent. How he wished he could have stopped himself. Though he was offline, the other wasn't, and he had already seen it most likely. His lack of reply made him itch with nervousness. He closed the browser, hoping it would stop him from worrying so much. 
  It didn't help. It just made it worse. 
  He got up and walked around the room. He needed to find something to take his mind off it. He walked to his window and looked out it. It was raining outside, the sky being a gloomy grey, and the streets being abandoned for once. He traced one finger down the cold, fogged up window, leaving a clear streak. He sighed and walked away.
  He left the room and went in search for a coat. He retrieved one- a grey hoodie with a green hood. He slipped on his shoes and grabbed his keys off the kitchen counter. Not giving it much thought, he opened his front door and stepped out. He flinched as a raindrop fell and hit the bridge of his nose. He looked up at the sky, watching the small drops of rain fall, seeing the clouds slowly roll by, watching a lone bird dare to take flight and carry out its deed for the day.
  He shook his head and rose his hood. The hoodie was much too big for him, an extra sise, so the hem went almost to his knees, the tips of the hood clearly covering his eyes. He rolled the sleeves up so they wouldn't cover his fingers and went to his car. 
  A quick drive, probably to the store if it was still open. Not many people were out today, so it seemed fine. For now.
  As he closed his door he let out a cold breath of air, which came out as a little puff of fog. He quickly slipped the key in and waited for the car to warm up. He shivered- the cool autumn air wasn't welcoming to him. He placed his hands on the steering wheel, his forehead resting on the cool rubber. His eyes trailed over to his Ipod, plugged up to the stereo. Slowly, he reached for it and browsed through his songs. He settled on one the second he decided his car was warm enough. He set his Ipod down, turned his heater down a notch, and backed out of his driveway.
  The song played softly, and he began to hum the tune even softer...
  With the rain rolled off of his windshield, the window wipers swaying back and forth, he couldn't help but let his mind go back to that day. It was also raining then... Just a few days from now.
  The sound of a frantic honking brought him out of his memory and swerving to the right, back into his lane. Apparently, he wasn't the only one out today. His car skidded slightly out of his will, but he brought it back under his control, and the car straightened and continued down the road. 
  That wasn't the thing that had brought a cold sweat to trail down his neck. No, it was that memory. That was the first time it had came to him when he was conscious in several years. Why now? 
  He pulled into the parking lot and peered out his window. The store was open, so there was no need to turn around. He sighed and wiped his neck with his sleeve. He unplugged his Ipod and stepped out. Giving a good look around the parking lot, he just shut the door, leaving the car on so it wouldn't be cold when he stepped back in. He would only be in for a few minutes, and there was only two other cars in the front parking lot.
  He put on his headphones and pulled his hoodie down more before walking up to the front doors, the same song still echoing through his ears...
Here is my first story on dA.
Rechecked and edited for errours, here it is for you.
Please, if you have downloaded any of my chapters from the past version of this, delete them and download the new version, for the new version will be changed in some aspects, though most will stay according to the original script.
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i love it c:
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